Choosing a professsional carpet, upholstery, rug & floor cleaner

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 Choosing a Professional Cleaner for Flooded Carpet

     Why clients choose Wizard:

     1. Detailed quotes

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     3. Amazing service & results

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     7. Full insurance coverage

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Our advice to consumers about the carpet, upholstery, rug & floor cleaning service industry

Let Wizard Cleaning guide you through the cleaning maze

Beware of websites and advertisements offering a Free Cleaner Consumer Guide, Cleaning Tips & Hints, Non-Profit Cleaning Reports, Recommended Best Cleaners, etc

Unfortunately some dodgy cleaning businesses set-up misleading websites and advertising that appear to offer independent and expert advice to consumers about cleanng services.
This is just a ploy to mislead you into a false sense of trust. Don't become a victim of this scam by unscrupulous businesses. We recommend you read our consumer advice below then use your better judgement when deciding whether a cleaning business is trustworthy.

Please consider these factors when reading these types of web sites and advertisements…

  • Is the business an official or trusted organisation such as Consumer Affairs, Choice Magazine, Product Review, etc
  • How many cleaning businesses do they recommend? In most cases they only list 2 or 3 cleaning businesses in each state.
    Some of these web sites are actually the same business or part of the same company or affiliated in some way.
    Most of cleaners listed on these websites pay an advertising fee.
    There are hundreds of good cleaners in most states… Why are only a few listed as recommended cleaners?… The answer should
    now be obvious…Do you really want to do business these cleaners?

Secondly, the ‘Bait-and-switch’ technique is common in many service industries including the Carpet, Upholstery, Rug & Floor Cleaning sector.

This does not mean that all cleaning businesses practice this deceptive “rip-off” technique. There are many reptuable cleaners in most suburbs. Unfortunately, the not so good ones give their industry a poor reputation! The best thing to do is steer well clear of them and they will either go out of business or move on.

Please consider these factors before booking any cleaner…

  • Each week there are new start-up cleaners who advertise cheap prices and make many promises to try and get your business
  • Do they take the time to listen to YOUR requirements and explain how they can best assist you?
  • Many of these ‘operators’ have minimal experience, none or inadequate insurance, use substandard or over-diluted solutions,
    have poor communication skills, are an unregistered business, do not provide an official invoice or receipt and business card
  • Are they willing to email ro fax you a detailed quotation?
  • Are unwilling to provide evidence of their business registration and current Trade and Public Liability insurance policies?

  Do you really want to take the risk of inviting this type of cleaner onto your property?

Here are the key items to assist you with selecting a professional cleaning business:

Advertised Price, Quote and
Final Cost

If the advertised price appears too good to be true, it probably is.
The bait-and-switch operators advertise low prices, simply to lure you in so they can get their foot in the door. Read their fine print carefully. Most have a minimum charge and additional charges for items e.g. spot treatment & deodorising that professional cleaners include in their standard service.


Also be aware of cleaners that try and justify a high charge by stating they have special ‘heavy duty’ equipment, special solutions, etc. Professional cleaners use quality equipment and solutions and, clean to a standard. Don’t be fooled into thinking paying a lot more money will result in a better job or service. For example, prices for carpet steam cleaning of a standard-sized empty 2BR unit with a low to medium level of soiling with lift access and offstreet parking will range from around $100 to $275 or more.   In this example, our charge would be between $140 to $160.
The difference in our service and results will be very obvious to the $100 cheap carpet cleaning job and also better than the jobs charging over $160!

Check if the price advertised or quoted includes GST. You'll be surprised how many don't!
Be assured that all our prices include GST and no credit charge fees are added.

Ring us today if you are concerned you have been under or over quoted, we will take the time to listen to your requirements, explain our service and provide a firm quote with no hidden costs. If required, we will do a free onsite quotation.

Service and

The price should never be the sole decision for choosing a cleaner. As with all professionals, quality workmanship deserves a realistic price. You really do get what you pay for (within reason)…..don't pay good money for substandard work and service AND don’t get overcharged for a good job.

Fine Print and
Hidden Extras

Read the fine print in advertisements to find out exactly what the price does and does not include, for example:
• What is their definition of a room; minimum charge or rooms to be cleaned?
• How many cleaning stages are included in their standard charge:
    · Eg. Pre-Vacuum, pre-spray, agitation, spot/stain treatment, cleaning, rinse, deodorise
• Will they move furniture?
• Do they service apartments without lift access?
• Do you have a choice of steam or dry?
• Are they trying to pressure sell you extras?
• Will they provide a specific arrival time and job duration. Many cleaning companies overbook their
   technicians and will only provide you with an arrival time of morning or afternoon - Do you really want to
   be waiting around for several hours hoping they will arrive?

We strongly recommend that you request a detailed quote via email or fax from the cleaning company before making a booking.