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 Tile Cleaning Sydney and Grout Cleaning Sydney Wet Floors

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Tile & Grout Floor Cleaning, Polishing and Sealing Services

Wizard Floor Cleaning use a turbo tile cleaning system that gives your floor a new lease of life.

The turbo tile cleaner tool is specially designed for cleaning any type of tiled floor area. It spinning water jets blast grime from the floor tile and grout and powerful vaccuum extracts the dirty residue off the surface.

Tiled floor surfaces need to be maintained on a regular basis to remove the dirt and grime that adheres to the tile surface and in the grout joints.
Some customers have told us they were seriously considering replacing the tiles as they thought the tiles were 'worn', 'beyond rescue', 'faulty' or did not like the colour.

Also surprising is how many people don't know the real colour of the tiles and grout - they are absolutely amazed when the floor has been professionally cleaned. They can't believe their eyes!

Ask our technician about how to maintain your floor’s appearance and reduce the effort required to keep it looking its best.

Do your new tiles need the wax coating removed or did the tiler leave cement or grout smears?

Thought about doing it yourself? Then consider this ... we take away the hassle and frustration of you renting and using the equipment, trying to decide which cleaning pads and solution to use and risking damaging your tiled floor.
We have the equipment, solutions and experience to get your tiled surface looking its best.

Tile and Grout Sealing

Sealing porous tiles (such as terracotta, marble, slate, etc) and grout is necessary to protect them from premature wear, decay and liquid contamination, eg. oil, grease and dirt. Even old tiles and grout can be cleaned and resealed to give them back a new lease of life!

At Wizard Floor Cleaning we recommend that all porous floor tiles be cleaned and sealed after installation so the floor obtains maximum protection.

Grout Colouring

The product used is an epoxy based colorant which is applied to floor grout to not only give the grout joint a consistent colour, but to completely protect the grout from any staining. This product is particularly popular in high traffic areas, ie. kitchen and bathroom floors. The epoxy colorant comes in a variety of colours and is backed by a 5 year warranty. You will not believe how good this product is!

Floor Cleaning & Floor Care Tips

 •  Always use a Ph-neutral cleaning solution. You can purchase this from us after we clean your floor and we'll advise the correct dilution ratio for your type of floor
 •  Use a quality microfibre mop and rinse with clean water from a separate bucket - otherwise you are spreading the waste water back onto the floor!
 •  If you use a steam mop, put on a clean pad and check it frequently - you'll be surprised how dirty it gets!
 •  Do not use acidic based cleaners, as these can cause permanent damage to tile such as etching and pitting
 •  Do not use vinegar or lemon as these are acidic
 •  Do not abrasive scourers, brushes or pads, as these may damage the surface of an unsealed tile or its protective sealer