Wet Carpet and Flood Restoration Sydney

Why choose Wizard

1. Firm quotations with no hidden costs
2. Amazing service, results and prices
3. Energetic, friendly & reliable
4. Modern Equipment & professional solutions
5. Family owned and operated
6. References available
7. Fully insured with $10m Public liability

 Wet Carpet and Flood Restoration Sydney

     Why clients choose Wizard:

     1. Detailed quotes

     2. No hidden charges or fees

     3. Amazing service & results

     4. Professional & Reliable

     5. We use the best equipment

     6. We are not a franchise

     7. Full insurance coverage

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Wet Carpet and Flooded Floor Restoration Services Sydney and Central Coast

We specialise in these common 'wet emergency' events…

 •  Water penetration from storm damage
 •  Overflowing bath, vanity, washing machine or toilet
 •  Leaking hot water system, water cooler, fridge, freezer or aquarium
 •  Burst or leaking pipes or taps
 •  Leaking or dropped water dispensers
 •  Air conditioners blockages or faults
 •  Accidental spillages in the home or workplace

Act fast on water damage!!

Wet Carpets and Floors is an emergency situation. That’s why Wizard Carpet Cleaning has the right equipment to handle water damage call-outs.
A quick response can minimise the damage caused by a major wet carpet restoration event. Time is your enemy, especially if you are not insured for such events.

Water damage costs increase substantially if prompt action is not taken to contain the water and commence the remediation process.

Wizard's professional team are on hand to respond to all your wet or damp carpet & floor needs whether it be flooding, a leaking hot water system, bath, sink, tap or just an accidental spill.
We use specialist equipment and solutions to rapidly extract the water, dry using high velocity air blowers, treat, clean, deodorise your floor to minimise mould and odours.

Our priority is to get you back to normality as fast as possible with minimal disruption.

Our Emergency Restoration Response Team will assess the situation, extract the surface water, lift the carpet and remove underlay (if necessary), install blowers and dehumidifers (where appropriate), apply sanitisation treatments, steam clean and deodorise your wet carpet or floors in the Sydney and Lower Central Coast region.
Our technicians use specialised water extraction, moisture control, drying equipment and solutions for the restoration of wet carpet, underlay and floor substructure.

You will be surprised just how quickly and far water spreads from the source of the leak. Wet carpet and underlay absorb a substantial volume of water and once thoroughly soaked the water will continue to spread according to the slope of the subsurface. It is this subsurface moisture that is often difficult to see or feel. Our trained technicians will assess your situation to determine if the surface covering needs to be lifted to fully dry the affected areas.
For example, we use a Water Claw™ device on large soaked areas – this device has superior extraction performance than a standard wand-type extraction tool.


Remember….It is not simply a matter of extracting the surface water and leaving the floor to dry.


Our process involves some or all of these steps:

  • Inspection and assessment
  • Water removal from carpet and underlay
  • Carpet lifting
  • Drying: air movement
  • Removal and disposal of underlay depending on its condition
  • Drying: dehumidifying
  • Anti browning treatment
  • Carpet re-laying
  • Cleaning & sanitising of carpet.
  • Written Report for insurance claim purposes