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Since 2007 we are proud and dedicated to be providing residential, small business, commercial and property management clients with professional carpet cleaning services.

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Our Carpet Cleaning Services

Our customers tell us we provide an excellent, comprehensive and affordable carpet cleaning service.

Our vehicles are equipped with modern, well maintained equipment and carry an extensive range of specialist carpet cleaning products to achieve the best results. If industrial or heavy duty carpet cleaning is required, our high-powered truck-mount equipment will do the job, no worries.

Our product range also includes low-irritant, baby & pet safe, environmentally friendly solutions and processes.
For people with very sensitive skins, we offer a ‘Chemical Free‘ process.

Our friendly trained personnel take pride in delivering the highest quality carpet cleaning available in Batemans Bay, Moruya, Narooma and the Eurobodalla. We provide quality advice, service and results.

Carpet acts as a filter for your living or working environment. The air quality in non-carpeted spaces is generally of a lesser quality as the contaminants are not absorbed or trapped in the carpet fibres and backing, so you are breathing in more pollens, dust, spores, bacteria and other contaminants.

Having your carpet professionally steam cleaned on a regular basis is a small cost to pay for providing a cleaner and healthier environment for your loved ones, employees or clients.

Most carpet manufacturers and many health advisers recommend that a carpet steam cleaning service be done at least every 3 to 6 months in a commercial environment and 6 to 12 months in a residential dwelling. In some situations the carpets may require more frequent cleaning if there is high usage or the carpet is exposed to above average environmental factors such as dust, dirt, food and beverage spills, traffic pollution, etc. 

There are many different methods and processes of cleaning carpets used in countries throughout the world. Some are simply marketing terms for an existing process. In Australia, the most common, proven and accepted method by carpet manufactures and consumers is “Hot Water Extraction”. This method is often referred to as “Carpet Steam Cleaning”, “Steam Cleaning” or “Carpet Shampooing”. The process does not use real steam but actually heated water. In fact, steam could damage some types of carpet. Hot Water Extraction method sprays a mist of heated water onto the surface by either a hand operated wand or a rotary device. The carpet is agitated with the cleaning device to dislodge the particles which are then extracted via the vacuum ducts in the device.

The other method used to a lesser extent in Australia is “Dry Carpet Cleaning”. This process has no resemblance to the dry cleaning process used for garments. The technical term for this method is “Very Low Moisture”. This method typically involves applying some form of cleaning agent to the carpet surface and either using a rotary machine fitted with absorbent pads to embed the particles into it or a rotary device that sprays a fine mist of water (sometimes heated) and vacuum extracted.

From our experience and comments from customers who have used this method, the result looks good for a very short period then often the spots and stain seem to reappear after vacuuming. Also, the carpet seems to get dirtier again much sooner.

Most of our customers request the Hot Water Extraction method, as it is a more thorough process. It extracts more particles, spots &stains and leaves very minimal surface residue.

Our 8 step steam carpet cleaning process achieves optimum results

Pre-InspectionA pre-inspection is performed and discussed with the customer to ensure their requirements are met.
Pre-VacuumA commercial vacuum cleaner is used to extract dust, dirt, hair, crumbs, etc on areas requiring this step.
Pre-sprayA biodegradable solution is applied to breakdown soiling and spots.
AgitationA rotary carpet buffer or counter rotating brush machine (CRB) is used to break-up stubborn soiling and spots. Some carpets do not require this step.
Steam Carpet CleaningCarpet is steam cleaned (hot water extraction) providing a deep thorough clean.
Our steam carpet cleaning process provides a superior carpet cleaning result than the rental/hire machine carpet shampoo method!
RinseA solution is added to remove any remaining residue to minimise re-soiling.
Spot TreatmentAny remaining spots are treated with the appropriate solution, cleaned and rinsed.
DeodorisingA deodoriser is applied to neutralise odours and give the carpet a fresh fragrance.

Non-Allergenic, Non-Toxic, Baby & Pet Safe, No Chemical Carpet Cleaning

We have environmentally “Eco” friendlynon-allergenic and non-toxic cleaning solutions which provide good carpet cleaning results. These cleaning products and carpet cleaning processes are ideal for babies, people and pets that have sensitive skin or are susceptible to breathing difficulties and require the use of non-chemical cleaning solutions.
A carpet cleaning package can be tailored to your requirements.

Our 8 step dry carpet cleaning process:

Pre-InspectionA pre-inspection is performed and discussed with the customer to ensure their requirements are met.
Thorough VacuumA thorough vacuum is performed using a commercial vacuum cleaner to extract dust, dirt, hair, crumbs, etc.
Pre-Spot TreatmentAny obvious spots are pre-treated with the appropriate solution.
Pre-sprayA biodegradable solution is applied to breakdown soiling and spots.
Dry Carpet CleaningThe “Bonnet” cleaning method uses an electric powered rotary carpet buffer. A range of special absorbent fibre pads are used to agitate and draw-up the soiled particles onto the pad. The pad surface is changed when required to ensure maximum removal of the soiled particles.
Spot TreatmentAny remaining spots are treated with the appropriate solution.
RinseA solution is added to a fresh pad to remove remaining residue to minimise re-soiling.
DeodorisingA deodoriser is applied which provides a fresh fragrance and neutralise odours.

Carpet manufacturers often apply a protector to good quality carpets at their factory. However, this protection wears off over time, especially if the carpet is not vacuumed regularly (at least weekly), has a high amount of traffic or is exposed to frequent contamination. The protector helps preserve the appearance, condition, maintainability and serviceability of your carpet. This is especially important for wool or wool-blend carpets as the natural fibre can quickly absorb moisture spills such as red wine, beer, spirits, cordial, soft drinks, etc. It gives you extra time to clean up spills before they turn into permanent carpet stains.

For carpets in new to good condition, we highly recommend the application of a carpet protector. This is best done immediately after steam carpet cleaning. The carpet protector adds or restores protective properties to your carpet, extending its life and making it easier to care for. This is a small cost to pay for peace of mind.

We have treatments for all these common carpet spots & stains:

 •  Beverage spills such as red wine, tea and coffee, milk, baby formula, etc
 •  Pet & human urine, poo, vomit, blood, perspiration and odours
 •  Paint, printer ink & toner, boot and nail polish, make-up and body lotions
 •  Chewing gum, blue tak, candle wax, grease & motor oil, bitumen tar, mud, etc
 •  Food spills, cooking and dressing oils
 •  Water marks from leaking hot water tanks, storm water, overflowing bath, sink, pots plants, etc
 •  Dust Mite treatment is best performed when steam cleaning the carpets
 •  Carpet cleaning is best done after Flea treatment – we recommend using a professional pest controller as it is important to apply the correct solution ratios based on the level of infestation and, it take about 6 weeks for the treatment to break the flea breeding cycle.

Remember we have the experience and training to remove most stains. Don’t use household cleaning agents unless you are absolutely sure of the results, otherwise you risk bleaching and/or damaging your carpet. 

Static buildup is commonplace in air-conditioned offices and homes with carpet. It is very prevalent in extended dry climatic conditions. Static electricity shocks are both uncomfortable and potentially hazardous to you those around you. It poses a serious risk to damaging sensitive electrical devices. 

Get your floor coverings treated as a preventative measure and make your home or office environment more comfortable for your family or work colleagues. Treatment is best applied to a very clean surface. Ask our technician to treat your carpet at the next service. This is a small cost to pay for peace of mind. 

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