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The expert team at Wizard provide exceptional rug cleaning services for a large variety of rug types. 

We offer carpet steam cleaning, submersion hand wash, as well as rug repair services. 

Our mobile & professional team services the greater Eurobodalla region, spanning from Narooma up to Batemans bay & South Durras.

Frequently Asked Questions

It is common for most rugs used on a daily or regular basis to become worn or damaged. The sooner a repair is performed the less likelihood of further or greater deterioration to the affected area.
With frayed and damaged fringes, the result is better and usually more cost effective to replace the whole fringe than to repair multiple sections.

We can successfully repair most types of damage to the rug fibres and backing where applicable.

Some common cause of damage are moths, beetles, rodents, domestic animals, mould, spills and various other household accidents.

Our advice is remove the rug to prevent further damage and if possible store it in a dry place out of direct sunlight and cover it with a white sheet then contact us here at Wizard Rug Cleaning for a quote.

An inspection is performed before cleaning commences and any concerns are discussed with the customer before proceeding to ensure your expectations are met.
Some common items detected during inspection by our specialist rug technicians are fraying, mould spots, moth damage, discolouration (bleached, faded, imperfections, previous repair work, etc). Will will contact the customer and provide a quote for repairs and obtain permission before carrying out any such work. 
In many cases, the customer is unaware of the rug value and is pleasantly surprised when they are informed of the repair cost compared to the rug’s value 
We can also provide a written valuation of the rug for insurance purposes. 

Dirt, dust and particle removal
It is important to remove these particles from the rug pile as the combination of foot traffic and dry soil can act like sandpaper on the delicate fibres. Dirt lying deep within the rug is removed using compressed air and vacuums. 

Rug Wash and Rinse
In many of the countries where oriental rugs, mats and runners are manufactured, the washing is done in a flowing river or stream, where rugs are submerged for many hours to agitate and clean the fibres . Our process mimics this method within a wash tank whereby water moves in a back and forward motion. Cleaning solutions specifically prepared for delicate rug fibres like silk and wool penetrate deeply into the rug. Fresh clean water is used to thoroughly rinse the rug. 

Fringes are treated separately to prevent damage. 

Final Rinse
The rug is removed from the wash tank and given a soft water rinse.

The rugs are air dried under filtered sunlight as much as possible as sunlight makes the result more beautiful and gives nature’s warmth to the fibre 

Grooming the Fringes
Attention to detail is essential at this stage, so we hand-comb the rugs fringes to ensure that they are properly finished and groomed. 

Final Inspection
We maintain the highest standards, so our inspection process is thorough. We don’t hesitate to repeat any steps that might be necessary to provide you with the cleanest rug possible. 

A pre-inspection is performed and discussed with the customer to ensure their requirements are met. 

A commercial vacuum cleaner is used to extract dust, dirt, hair, crumbs, etc on areas requiring this step. 

A safe biodegradable solution is applied to breakdown soiling and minor spots prior to cleaning. 

A soft bristled rotary buffer is used to break-up stubborn soiling and spots. Some rugs do not require this step. 

Steam Rug Cleaning 
Rug is steam cleaned (hot water extraction) providing a thorough clean and extraction of as much moisture and contaminants as possible.

If required a solution is added to remove remaining residue to minimise re-soiling. This step is performed if during the steam cleaning step there was evidence of significant foaming or there were many spots requiring several treatments.

Spot Treatment 
Any remaining spots are treated with the appropriate solution. Note that some spots may actually be permanent stains and cannot be removed. 

Rug Deodorising 
A pleasant smelling deodoriser is applied to neutralise odours and give the rug a fresh fragrance. Note that this deodoriser is not for the treatment of urine, mould or other odours requiring special treatment which are optional and additional cost. 

This does not mean that all carpet & upholstery cleaners practice this deceptive “rip-off” technique.

Please read our consumer advice for more information on selecting a professional cleaner. 

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